Germany & The EU Are Into Censorship

Hence, when the free & open exchange of ideas & opinions are restricted by Former Stasi Agents from the Former East Germany & the European Union, this gives power to two Mobile Computing Platforms to play World Censor.

The Internet has become a place where free flow of ideas are barred by Alphabet Inc & Apple Inc. These are companies who in order to expand Market Share, would sell out the American Concept of Free Speech. Ironically, both companies are headquartered in the USA, both in Silicon Valley, in the Rather Leftist Oriented San Francisco Metropolitan Area. I often refer to California, once home to the Great US President, Ronald Wilson Reagan, as the California Soviet Socialist Republic or CSSR, because of all that Leftist Train of Thought. And the Left is noted for censorship.

Algorithms used for Censorship by Alphabet(Google), do not make for a Free Speech Society. The Limiting of Thought to so called “Inoffensive Speech”, is a Denial of the Basic Freedoms of FreecSpeech & Free Press.  

It is Fascist & Corporatist. Barring from developing an app, is Dictatorship. & Gab are favorite platforms. So is Video Service, Bitchute.

Corporatist Types are Totalitarian in their approach to the world.



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