Metro PCS Vs Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T Wireless(Dumb & Dumber).

Metro PCS is a wholly owned subsidiary of

When Pope Francis passed through Central Park, I had no problem with either a signal or Data.There were users of Verizon Wireless(Dumb) & ATT&T(Dumber).

The complaining New Yorker Crowd was upset about video & photo upload speeds. You could hear The Whining. 

But I was on T-Mobile’s 4G LTE Network, able to follow EWTN’s Coverage. 

$50 buys me Unlimited 4G LTE Data, only no use of Wireless Connection to a Laptop. For an extra $5. I get to screen Spam calls & Unlimited international texting, which I use to LBC in the UK, CBC Radio One in Montreal & a News Talk Station in Ireland.

Yet $55 for Cricket Wireless buys Molassas Speeds for Unlimited Data. That’s why, since they’re AT&T, they’re called Dumber.

Dudes & Dudettes, AT&T & VZW are like CNN & MSNBC, in short, they suck.



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