The Traditional Rosary(It’s All Coming Back To Me)

As a Schoolboy in a Catholic Elementary School in Brooklyn, NY, I do remember School Processions. And I do remember praying The Rosary(Joyful, Sorrowful & Glorious Mysteries). And this was still during Vatican II. 

This was at a time when The Mass was in a Transition Period. The Tridentine Mass Prayers were still in full force, but more vernacular was used in The Mass. My Parish, St. Sylvester, in City Line, Brooklyn, adjacent to Cypress Hills, Brooklyn, & Ozone Park/Woodhaven in Queens, still had the Regular Altar with Tabernacle, which did not turn until Sunday, November 30th, 1969, when the Novus Ordo Mass was launched.

By the 1st several months of the NO Mass, I lost interest in Devotions & The Rosary. It was a time for one’s Faith to grow chilly.

But now The Rosary(Minus The New “Luminous Mysteries”, a Novel Version which came into play near The End of Pope John Paul II’s Earthly Life), has come back to me as I embrace Catholic Tradition more fully, as I find out the History & Novus Ordo Liturgy which sprang from Vatican II, 

Catholicism, Modernistic Version, is Protestantized, especially in Liturgy & Sacraments. It has little to no Catholix Feel. And I remembered my folks encouraging me to pray to Our Blessed Mother. And the more I pray this Great Prayer, I feel my sense of Catholicity returning. 

For My Most Dear Friend, a Convert to The One, True Church, the Rosary got her through Cancer & into the Arms of The Church. 

I’m Glad to have returned to The Practice.

Sancta Maria, Ora Pro Nobis Peccaturibius.

Deo Gratias, Amen!


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