$50 Unlimited Data & Call Is A Bargain With Metro PCS

Unlimited High Speed Data, Text & Calling is all I need & all of it is in The 50 States, Puerto Rico & US Virgin Islands. For Canada, Ireland & UK, Twitter will do for messaging or over Wi Fi. Just saved US$5 per month.  If I want to talk & text around the world for a month, it’s US$10 per month+I can use the phone in up to 75 Countries. It becomes Unlimited via Wi Fi(& Free).

Dumber(AT&T Owned Cricket Wireless) is US$50 for 8 GB of High Speed Data at Slower Speeds. US$60 is for Unlimited High Speed Data. 

US$60 on Metro PCS adds the Portable Wi Fi Hotspot, which I don’t need.

I can use phone to call over Wi Fi on all Metro PCS Smartphones. That isn’t always the case on Cricket Wireless, subsidiary of (Dumber) AT & T.

Forget AT&T & Verizon Wireless(Dumb & Dumber), as they can’t handle Unlimited Data.

PS: Sprint Still Sucks!



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