Things That Would’ve Gotten You Sent To Principal’s Office Over 50 Years Ago

These are the kinds of things which may have landed you in the Office of your Elementary School Principal with a Smack on one’s Rump, especially if one received a Catholic Education(Pre Vatican II Version-Post Vatican II Might Mean That Your School is on the verge of ceasing operations). 

Such Examples are:

“That’s OK, Sister. We can watch the World Series on my phone.” This is definitely a good smack on both the tushie & smash in the face, especially if you live in Massachusetts & your surname is Legere & your favorite colour is Magenta;

Telling your 7th Grade Nun that you, wirelessly, transmitted the Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Championship from your mobile telephone over a Television Network called FOX, in 1964. The multiple whacks on one’s backside by one’s parents, your Nun or Religious Brother(Christian or Marist), will leave an impression. Assigned Extra Homework includes writing 100 Times in Latin “There’s No Such Organization called The FOX Network.” The Child’s Surname is Murdoch.

Telling your 8th Grade Classmates that your Fiance’ is named John while your name is Joseph. That is a definite trip to both a Psychiatrist & a Priest, as well as a Boot in the Labanza.

Mind you, this is before the Era of The Novus Ordo Post Vatican II, as well as before Smartphones.

How did we do it without Smartphones, Computers & Cable/Satellite TV?



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