Next Month Is Both 2018 & Knights Of Columbus International Free Throw Basketball Championship(You Tube Will Be Overcrowded)

At various Knights of Columbus Councils in the USA & Canada, the annual Knights of Columbus Free Throw Basketball Championship will take place. It is a time for Knights of Columbus Councils to work with local Catholic Parishes & Schools.

It is also that time of year when Competitions are uploaded to You Tube. I have produced the Knights of Columbus Free Throw, mostly moving away from You Tube, towards Dailymotion & Vimeo. Live Streaming has occurred which I had also produced, on Veetle, Streamago & Ustream. There was also Live Streaming over You Tube in 2016. 

But, the basic coverage is done exclusively on You Tube “For The Prestige.” Actually, there is far better video sharing service out there. With Vimeo, Free Throw Coverage was seen in 80 Countries. With Dailymotion, Round 2 Coverage was in HD 720p & seen on the Websites of RTL in Europe, the largest Private Broadcaster in Europe. 

My advice to my Brother Knights is to get away from You Tube & try a new service. Because, after awhile, You Tube is IGNORED. Earlier this year, You Tube carried the coverage for almost 48 Hours. Despite Simulcasts over Facebook, Twitter & Google+, You Tube was ignored.

You Tube is overloaded with this competition. Try another video service if you want recognition.



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