You Tube Whets, Vimeo Satiates

I watch on their site and on You Tube. But lately, I took to watching older Infowars Videos on Vimeo, where it gets to be both interesting & humorous. 

Shane Dawson, a huge star on You Tube, has an exciting Music Video, on Vimeo which is NOT seen on You Tube. It is professional looking and runs longer on Vimeo than it would on You Tube. 

Jenna Rose Swerdlow has a video which garnered 18M Views on You Tube. But the video is on Vimeo, where it is technically excellent in sound & video. Even “Fred” is on Vimeo.

Up & Coming in 2018, my Vimeo will be upgraded to Vimeo Plus & may be upgraded to Vimeo Pro. I have plans for my Vimeo Account. 

Many You Tube Videos have loads of views. The trouble is just how many viewers actually WATCHED the Videos?

More local communities are posting interesting videos on Vimeo, such as FRED TV in Fall River, MA & some photo-video ar tist in Brooklyn, NY. 

When someone uploads to Vimeo, one gets a truly discerning audience. This is not really the case on You Tube, as comments range from moronic to unintelligible.


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