The NY Times & The State Run Broadcaster Are Libtards

I was tuned to Canada’s State Run Broadcaster, called CBC(Canadian Broadcorping Castration as Mark J. Steyn is wont to say, otherwise the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation). CBC always in an Anti-Trump Mode, utilizes the N.Y. Times, CNN(Sucks) & MSLSD(MSNBC), all of which are Libtardian Puke.

So the latest from the “Toilet Paper of Record”, which is good for cleaning up after a Doberman, is that US President Donald J. Trump had attempted to fire Special Council & Washington Insider Robert Swan Mueller III, A “Deep Stater”. The Toilet Paper of Record usually operates on Anonymous Sources. Ditto, CBC which becomes a Repeater Station for the NY Times, CBS, NBC & ABC, in addition to CNN(Sucks)& MSNBC(MSLSD &, according to Lionel Nation, MSDNC).

CBC is the State Run Propagandist on behalf of the Liberal Party of Canada. Neo Heroic Stories about Trudeau The Younger, also known as Prime Minister Justin(e) TruD’OH, Male Feminist, are known to be broadcast. The Ottawa Anchor of “CBC News-The National”, Rosemary Barton, had a “Selfie” taken with Justin(e).

There is a Tendency of Friday Mornings that there’s always some mysterious pattern of Anti Trump “News”, being broadcast on the Networks in the US, Canada & the UK(BBC). About the Only News Sources I trust are FOX News & FOX Business Channels, as well as Alex Jones’ & Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media from Canada. Compound Media’s Anthony Cumia & Gavin McInnis are trusted sources, as is Michael Lebron, known as Lionel of Lionel Media.

On occasion, RT or Russia Today is a Good Source. And there are good news programs on other Independents.

Thus, these are what I follow the news with.



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