CBC News-The National, is the Sunday through Friday Primetime Newscast, anchored in Toronto & Ottawa. It is a production of the State Run Broadcaster, mockingly called by Canadian & Immigrant Resident of Northern New Hampshire, FOX News Contributor Mark J. Steyn, the Canadian Broadcorping Castration, a snark filled name for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation. Think of them as CNN(Sucks)& MS13NBC, in short, utter Puketitude.

Just when one thinks that CBC NEWS-The National can’t get any worse, along comes a Sunday Morning Show, as equally Anti-Trump as anything Rachel Madcow spews on MS13NBC. The Show is called CBC News-The Weekly. The Show is hosted by the Exceptionally Whiny Voiced Wendy Mesley, an occassional host of CBC News-The National, who was Wife #2 of Longtime “National” Host, Peter Mansbridge. Neither are FOX News Material.

Most Yanks, save for those who live close to the Canadian Border, even know who the CBC News Commentators are. David Frum, a Canadian Conservative & Never Trumper, lives in Washington, DC & is a former Speechwriter for Bush 43 POTUS(Dubya), which means that David is a NEOCON. David is the Editor of The Atlantic Monthly. A political journal. He is a Dual Citizen of Canada & the USA. He’s also a CBC News Political Contributor, in the same way as Mark J. Steyn is to FOX News, except that Mark J. Steyn is way more humorous.

“Good Morning, I’m Wendy Mesley, & Thhhhiiiis is The Weekly.” My alternate in the “National” days was “Good Evening, I’m Wanda Measley, and thhhhiiiiis is The Irrational.”

CBC News is always noted for their sources, namely the NY Times, WaPo, MS13NBC & CNN. Brian Stelter of CNN, formerly from the NY Times, was a recent guest. I wonder when Rachel Madcow will get an invite.

I don’t see Sean Hannity & Tucker Carlson in CBC’s Future, Eh.



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