Gary Franchi Of Next News Network On

It was Tuesday, November 8th, 2016 on the Night of The Trumpian Triumph. I managed to avoid NBC, CBS & ABC coverage as well as CNN & MS13NBC Coverage, preferring Gary Franchi’s Next News Network, Infowars with The Alex Jones Crew & FOX News Channel. Needless to say that at MSNBC, Rachel Madcow, along with Clinton Toady James Carville, were Unhappy Campers, as Mr Donald Trump was elected as POTUS 45. At ABC News, George Stephanopoulos, onetime Clinton Toady from Clinton 42 POTUS, along with Martha Raddatz, a Debate Moderator, were disappointed & then some.

Gary Franchi did Yeoman’s Coverage on NNN. Owen Shroyer & Roger Stone, as well as Alex Jones & Crew, had fantastic coverage on InfoWars. And FOX News did a bangup job, feeding out coverage.

I also followed the coverage with Peter Mansbridge & David Frum on CBC out of Toronto. It was Mr Mansbridge’s last US Election Coverage for CBC News. David Frum, a Dual Canadian & US Citizen, who wrote Bush 43 POTUS Speeches and is currently the Editor of The Atlantic Monthly Magazine, filled his bill as the Conservative Voice for Canada’s CBC. David Frum lives in “The Swamp”, is a NEOCON & a “Never Trumper.” CBC is, as Ezra Levant is known to call the Network, Canada’s State Run Broadcaster.

This Morning, Gary Franchi appeared on, and told his tale of woe, that You Tube is censoring his webcasts, often at the behest of CNN, headquartered in Columbus Circle, at the start of the Peoples Republic of Libtardia, also known as Manhattan’s Upper West Side. For CNN has drawn much lower viewing #s than the New Media. The same failing #s can also be said for MSNBC in 30 Rock. Because Donald J. Trump used Social Media extensively, as did his followers, the Old Broadcast Media, which acted as Shills for Hillary Clinton, conspired with the Tech Giants in Silicon Valley near San Francisco, to have Conservative/Libertarian Media harassed & Shut Down.

Fcuk the Old Big 3 Networks & the Two Libtardian Cable Networks, especially CNN. CNN always managed to take fake polls, especially in the Manhattan & Washinton Corridors of Power. One wonders just how many phone polls were taken from Central Park West to Riverside Drive.

I followed Next News Network & Infowars through the Night and FOX News. Gary carried reports every 15 Minutes. Infowars was on continouously. FOX News with the Decision Desk was fine.

Support Independent Media! Who needs CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS & MSNBC? The Next News Network, Infowars & other Indies could use your support. And the Independents perform really well when it comes to Real Journalism.

Support Real Journalism! Gary Franchi, Lisa Haven, Alex Jones, actually give the Story.



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