The Real Extraordinary Form of The Roman Mass

Clue: It is NOT the Tridentine Latin Mass, as it developed over centuries.

In reality, the Table Altar, which came from the practices of Archheretics Luther & Cranmer, both of whom denied The Holy Sacrifice of The Mass, as well as a belief in Consubstantiation, which is that the Body & Blood of Christ are only contained in the Bread & Wine. In reality, Protestant Holy Communion is not truly a Sacrament, because Protestants do not have a Validly Ordained Priesthood, by & large. According to Thomas Cranmer, an altar is where a sacrifice is made, whereby a table is where a meal is prepared & served. An Apostate Dominican Priest called Martin Bucer, advised Cranmer to allow for Communion In The Hand, as what one receives is only Bread & Wine.

Fact; The New Mass which is called Novus Ordo Missae, is, in practice, the True Extraordinary Form of Mass. The Offertory in the Tradtional Mass of Roman/Latin Rite, denotes the Propitiary Sacrifice with Prayers for The Living & Dead. The Offertory is offered Silently with Priest in a Low Voice. The same goes for The Consecration. The Priest genuflects upon the Consecration of Body & then of Blood. As the Priest or Bishop acts “In Persona Christi”, as “Alter Christus” in offering Sacrifice to God The Father, with the Intercession of The Holy Spirit(Epiklesis), which comes in the Offertory Prayer “Come Thou Sanctifier”. The Priest after the 1st Genuflection, then raises The Body of Christ, followed by Genuflection. Bells are rung after each action. It is in the Consecration of The Blood of Christ where the Priest affirms his belief in Transubstantiation by praying the words “Mysterium Fidei.” During the Canon of The Mass, namely The Anaphora called The Roman Canon, there are no responses by the Faithful. Holy Communion is served at a “Big, Beautiful Altar Rail”, where one kneels & receives The Body of Christ. The Priest recites a short prayer & makes The Sign of The Cross with the Consecrated Host before one receives The Body of Christ on one’s tongue. There is no “Sancte Communion A Mano”, which is Holy Communion In One’s Hand at this Mass, ever. There is no “Sign of Peace” at this Mass by The Faithful.

The Novus Ordo “Offertory”:

It bears NO Resemblance to the Roman Mass developed over Centuries. There are NO Prayers for The Living & Dead. It is the Offering of Passover Prayers for The 1st Night to commemorate the Jews who fled Egypt under Moses’ Command. The intent of Novus Ordo Missae is so not to offend the Spiritual Descendants of Martin Luther & Thomas Cranmer, who utterly revolted against Christ’s Church. The True Offertory anticipates the Sacrifice of Christ on The Cross on Mount Calvary in Jerusalem on Good Friday.

A Bad Imitation of Eastern Churches;

General Intercessions/Prayers of The Faithful were added to the Mass for Sundays in the 1965 Update of the 1962 Missale Romanum. It is all part of the “Active Participation” Movement of Vatican II. It took my 1st Byzantine Rite Catholic Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom(Doctor of The Church) in 2013 in Manhattan’s East Village for me to understand where the “Novusordism” of the Novus Ordo Mass came from in The Prayers of The Faithful. In The Eastern Divine Liturgies, these Litanies have been part of the Liturgies for Centuries in the Eastern Churches. The Novus Ordo Versions are comparably lame imitations. These Litanies are sung by Priest or Deacon. Other Prayers are sung by Congregation, assisted by Cantor or Choir.

Standing For Holy Communion: The Average Catholic of the Novus Ordo Missae may not understand why he or she stands for Holy Communion. This is Eastern Practice, not the Practice of Roman/Latin Rite. One usually knelt on an Altar Rail & received the Body of Christ on One’s knees. In the case of the Byzantine Rite, both Catholic & Orthodox, the Priest & Bishop stand on a Step, with Holy Spoon which is used to give the Body & Blood of Christ to the Communicant. Sadly in the Novus Ordo Form of Roman Rite, there are Unordained Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion, used to distribute Body or Blood of Christ as well as Priests, Deacons & Bishops. No Extraordinary Ministers of Holy Communion exist in the Tridentine Latin Mass.

Reading of The Epistle; Since the Latin Church no longer ordains Subdeacons, the Lay Reader now operates in the Sanctuary, reading both the Old Testament Selection & the Responsorial Psalms & Epistle. The Idea of this came from the Byzantine Rite. However, the Lay Reader is often the Cantor & NEVER Enters the Sanctuary, which is Priestly Territory. The Lay Reader reads the Epistle from the front row, facing East(Ad Orientem). So did the Subdeacon, in a Solemn Mass, chant the Epistle. He or She chants the Gradual/Alleluia. The Gospel is chanted by the Deacon, who often preaches the Homily. The Gospel in the Byzantine Rite, is read by Priest, Bishop or Deacon from the Centre, in front of The Holy Table, outside of The Royal Doors.

So WHY are Latin Rite Catholics standing for Holy Communion? With the Addition of Sancte Communion A Mano, the Queue to Holy Communion looks like a line to receive a Snack rather than the Body of Christ. It is a bad imitation of the Byzantine Rite at best. With Holy Communion in the Hand, one wonders just how many Communicants even believe that they’re receiving Christ’s Body?

THAT is WHY I call the Novus Ordo Missae, the Extraordinary Form of Roman/Latin Rite, because the Re-Presentation of The Sacrifice of Calvary, which is Propitiary, is truly not presented. And THAT Is Sad. The Ends of The Mass(Adoration of The Triune God, Propitiary Sacrifice for the Forgiveness of Sins of the Living & Dead & Sacrifice of Praise & Thanksgiving), are not presented in the NO Mass. The Memorial of the Last Supper is overemphasised. And it confirms Protestants in their errors.

Kyrie Elaison



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