A Throwback To 1962-Holy Gospel Of St. John

It was like 1962 through all over again with The Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom. For at St. Sylvester RC Church in Brooklyn, NY, was read the Gospel of St. John in regards to Lazarus & the Entrance of Christ into Jerusalem.It was Epistle, Gradual & Gospel in the Byzantine Rite. That Mass in 1962 was of the Roman/Latin Rite. It was the Schoolchildren’s 9:00AM Mass, but it followed everything according to the Missale Romanum & in the Sacred Ecclesiastical Language of Latin.

However, both Slavonic & English were the Languages spoken in the Divine Liturgy of St. John Chrysostom(Doctor Of The Church) at the Russian Byzantine Catholic Chapel of The Holy Archangel Michael on Mulberry Street in NOLITA, on the same block as Old St. Patrick’s Cathedral Parish. The Chapel is in what was the Old Chancery Building of the RC Archdiocese of New York. As yesterday, Sunday March 25th, 2018, normally is The Feast of The Annunciation, Catholics & Orthodox of The Byzantine Rite celebrate both Palm Sunday and Feast of The Assumption. Mary, Mater Dei is “God Bearer” or “Theotokos.”

The overriding feast of this day is Palm Sunday, hence the Gospel of St. John, including Jesus raising Lazarus from Death, prefiguring His Resurrection. He also rode into Jerusalem, Triumphant on a Donkey. Christ would be betrayed by Judas on Spy Wednesday & handed over after The Last Supper on Holy Thursday.

This is The Time of The Passion.



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