A Sunday Adjustment Due To Weather & The TLM Add

Today I’m dipping my toe in the Novus Ordo Pond in Richmond Hill(Queens), for a 5PM Mass. However, I will head to a TLM possibly tomorrow night or Tuesday Evening at Holy Innocents on West 37th Street in Manhattan’s Garment Center District. It’s time for the Glorious TLM in Splendid Latin. The TLM & Byzantine […]

The NY Daily Fake News

It is apparent that this “Rag”, plays to the Elitists from Central Park West to Riverside Drive. In short, this source of Leftism is trying to outdo the NY Slimes. Both papers are “Fishwrap”. Both are only good for lining birdcages & picking up after one’s dog. However, I do remember when the NY Daily […]


This sounds like a trend which started on an Island, where POTUS 45 still maintains his Official Voting Residence. If you guessed that Island, a place which is nauseating so far left politically, is Manhattan, then treat yourself to a craft beer made in Brooklyn, Queens or The Bronx. Better yet, enjoy a couple of […]

6th Sunday After Pentecost(Julian Calendar)

Meanwhile, In Manhattan’s East Village: The 6th Sunday After Pentecost on the Julian Calendar in 2018, is 1 week behind the Gregorian Calendar. The Parishes of the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church, which is in Union with The Holy See, which are administeted by the Priests of The Order of St. Basil The Great, follow the […]


I, having practiced the Catholic Faith, via the Romam/Latin Church, am rediscovering the One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Faith, via the Byzantine Rite, in the Ukrainian Greek Catholic Church & the Byzantine Russian Catholic Church. The One, Holy, Catholic & Apostolic Church thinks & believes as One as a Perfect Society Founded by Christ, to […]

4th Sunday After Pentecost Julian Calendar

I’m in Manhattan’s East Village & not here to have a “Gay Ol’ Time”, as Manhattan, Home of Profound Leftists, is celebrating “Pride Sunday”, replete with Rainbow Flags & People who like “Packing Fudge.” And I don’t mean Fudge Ice Cream either. “Pride” is short for “Gay Pride”, a celebration by assorted Leftists, who celebrate […]

4th Sunday After Pentecost Via The Byzantine Rite

From the Gospel According to St. Matthew: <<Domine Non Sum Dignus, Ut Intres Sub Tecum Meum, Sed Tantum Dic Verbo, et Sanabitur Anima Mea”; A Roman Army Commander had a sick servant and implored Jesus for Help to have his servant cured. For Jesus proclaimed that never had He seen such Faith. For the Roman […]