“Murdoch Mysteries” From CBC Television

WABC 7 here in NY has picked up a gem of a series for Late Friday Night-Early Saturday Morning. It is a Detective Series set in Early 20th Century Toronto. I have watched two showings of this show & find it facinating. This is called “Murdoch Mysteries”. It has nothing to do with 21st Century […]

The Mets “Just Can’t SUCK ENOUGH”

Eleven & One at the Start of the 2018 Season, followed by the Disabled List for much of the Roster, and it is SUCKTITUDE TIME. The Bullpen isn’t much to write home about. This club is about to lose yuge amounts of Home Games. Sell, Freddy, Sell & Take Jeffy & Uncle Sol with You. […]

For US$50, Unlimited Talk, Text & Data & WiFi Calls

The beauty of mobile phone service on T-Mobile Subsidiary, MetroPCS, while exclusively in the USA, is such a bargain that one can make a call or text internationally without paying extra fees. It’s about as good as the T-Mobile ONE 55 Plan, only a little cheaper. An app called “Free Call” is available for International […]