Metro PCS Vs Cricket Wireless

Cricket Wireless is a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T Wireless(Dumb & Dumber). Metro PCS is a wholly owned subsidiary of When Pope Francis passed through Central Park, I had no problem with either a signal or Data.There were users of Verizon Wireless(Dumb) & ATT&T(Dumber). The complaining New Yorker Crowd was upset about video & […]

From “Our Lady’s Warriors” On Sacrosantum Concillium(Novus Ordo Mass Blueprint) via DuckDuckGo for Android The Novus Ordo Mass in the Constitution of The Sacred Liturgy called, in Latin, “Sacrosantum Concillium.” Next Time that G. Michael Voris says that the Novus Ordo Mass has nothing to do with Vatican II, ask him if he even bothered to read the Document. This Document is The Blueprint […]

Germany & The EU Are Into Censorship

Hence, when the free & open exchange of ideas & opinions are restricted by Former Stasi Agents from the Former East Germany & the European Union, this gives power to two Mobile Computing Platforms to play World Censor. The Internet has become a place where free flow of ideas are barred by Alphabet Inc & […]

More & & Less Facebook & Twitter

Moving clear of Facebook & Twitter is good as it is time to move to true Free Speech Sites.’s Founder has posted at Twitter. is recommended by Lisa Haven.  Gab’s app was barred by Google’s Play Store, for promoting Hate Speech(Whatever that is). Seen. Life has no app. And my main production upload […]